October 27, 2013

Understanding the Curve: Recognizing the Relationship between Learning and Living

We can incorporate skillful learning and deliberate education into natural life by embracing it’s natural relationship that already exists.

There is no “How To” instruction guide to this.  It is not a matter of explicit instructions; in fact, doing so would contradict the entire idea.   To incorporate skillful learning and critical reason into life, we must first accept that learning is part of living and that we can weave critical logical skills into the fabric of our lives simply by accepting the harmonious and complimentary relationship between these two concepts. 

All of life is an ongoing, self-perpetuating learning experience.  Many of the most influential spiritual gurus and philosophers throughout history have strongly suggested that learning is the entire purpose and meaning of life.  I myself tend to believe and assert that learning is the very meaning of life.  From the moment we are born,  our brains are working to discover, understand and communicate with other living beings and the entire environment that surrounds us.  We hunger and thirst for new information and understanding on an ongoing basis.  

Human beings are compelled to move forward, physically (we learn to walk by natural compulsion) spiritually (we love, we feel, we anger, we mourn, we laugh) and intellectually (we want to know, understand, tell our story, hear others, count, analyze, try).  We will do it all the time, no matter what.  The question is whether or not we will proceed in a way that fosters health, and with encouragement that supports further positive growth. 

The snafu occurs when that natural desire is interrupted by attempts to affix prescribed agendas of others; when fallacious information is presented inside of a controlled and limited environment; when discussion is discouraged in favor of absorbing arbitrary information and when that absorption is measured by tests and children are lost in worlds of statistics and made to believe that personal success is measured by digits place value on a checking account.

For example, school dictates a governed objective, or that of a mass-collective . This standard ruins intellectual curiosity and stunts communication skills.

So learning can, does and will happen regardless of what we do or avoid doing with, for and to our children.  Whether or not they will learn is not the question.  The question is how will they learn, what limits will be placed upon them, or removed and what guidance, support and encouragement will they receive.  Will it be healthy?  Will it be supported?  Will the information be presented by experienced wisdom?  What is the value of the education being acquired? 

This is all determined by the value of the learning experience and a valuable learning experience is one that acknowledges individual desires, utilizes creativity and meets our spiritual, physical and intellectual needs in healthy and nutritious ways. 

We do this by incorporating everything we learn here with some practical ideas and suggestions that can be used as springboards to inspire our own ideas and experiences for and with our family, and without institutional intervention.

Once we understand the philosophies of natural learning and the philosophy of logic, we begin to naturally see how they compliment each other and how true personal freedom relies upon these principles.  This is the Curve.  Once we recognize the Curve, applying the principles begins to happen organically, and we will recognize opportunities more and more often. 

As we move forward it is always helpful to seek out tips, ideas and suggestions that can help us explore and discover a deeper understanding, a more enriching learning experience so that we can help our family flourish intellectually thus spiritually, thus physically.    Coming soon, I will add more to a practical application section which will offer ideas to supplement your own unique experience or prompt your own discoveries.  


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