November 16, 2013

Creative Synoptic Relationships and A Short Snark on King James

This is a part two to "Mary and her Hate Club" which was a creatively twisted summary that my daughter wrote after reading the associated section in Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer. 
I'm posting this as well because it tickled me just as much as the first one; again a humorously stretched retelling in which J exercises her creative writing muscle and simultaneously cements a memory that will provide the foundation for a healthy relationship with an understanding of society and behavior later on. 
Not all of my children do these morbidly fun little summaries, J does because that is her way.  I'm sharing to exemplify and punctuate fun in learning as well as relationships and unnecessary barriers between "subjects".... and because J herself enjoys sharing her work :-) 

An Extremely Short Description of King James
(with many creative liberties, and a smattering of snark)
Meanwhile, in England, Queen Elizabeth is growing old.  Since she never married, her only relative was James.  She gave James the throne of England, and then keeled over in a ditch.  Now James was the king of both Scotland and England; oh wouldn't Mary be proud!

Since that terrible Black Death was going around, and people neglected to get their Plague Shots, no one showed up to James's English King coronation, because plague is easily spread in crowds.  So, just him and his wife Anne went to Westminster Abbey and were just very careful about washing their hands.

The Catholics wanted special treatment because James's mother had been a Catholic.  English Protestants, called Anglicans, wanted James to stick to the Protestant ways he had learned in Scotland, while another group of Protestant Christians, called Puritans, wanted James to stop the Anglicans from copying their religion.  (They were called Puritans because they wanted to purify the church.)  But James rejected the Puritan ideas, and told them to get out of his face...So they got angry.

There was a law that Catholics couldn't go to Anglican church without paying a fine, and that made two Catholics named Guy Fawkes and Robert Catesby angry.  So they planned to blow up the house where Parliament met....until Parliament caught them and arrested them. Remember, remember the fifth of November.

James passed even more laws forbidding religious practice, so the Protestants, Catholics, AND the Puritans were angry at him.

Then James kept insisting that he was a super awesome magic king, who deserved to rule above anything else, and Parliament didn't agree.  When Parliament didn't do EXACTLY what James told them to do, James flipped out and sent all the members of Parliament home.

Despite all the terrible things James did, he is remembered as good king because he translated the bible. Woop-de-doo.

Learning Curves Relevancy:  We learn about Guy Fawkes here as he is mentioned in SOW. J remembers the name from the movie V for Vendetta and ventures elsewhere to learn more.  A relationship is now being cemented between what she learned in the movie, what she read in SOW, what she is learning elsewhere and the discussions that are born regarding tyranny in history and the apparent repetition of political strife over time, and in today's society.  THIS is how learning occurs, not by the arbitrary memorization of useless data.

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