June 26, 2015

Class Dismissed: The Reality of Life Without School

Back in 2013, while I was hosting Unplugged Mom Radio, I interviewed Jeremy Stuart, director and filmmaker.  We discussed his latest project Class Dismissed. 

Here are those interviews if you'd like to listen.

In addition to being a filmmaker, Jeremy is also a home ed Dad and as he began to learn about the reality of home education, he was struck by the contrast to the myth of homeschooling.  So, Jeremy set out to create a documentary that would help to dispel the myths and highlight the reality.

It was a real pleasure to have interviewed Jeremy, but whats better is the friendship that has developed.  Rest assured, Jeremy is the real deal and  this film  is a passion - driven, very honest project. 

Class Dismissed is now available, so I hope that you'll see it and share it because it honors the truth and simple honesty  of life without school.  Here is the official blurb and link:

Class Dismissed has come a long way since it premiered in October 2014.

We’ve had tremendous success with 28 official movie theater screenings and over 200 community organized screenings in 7 countries around the world.

But despite our success, there are still many, many people who have not yet had an opportunity to see the film.

Which is why we are so excited to announce that:
Class Dismissed is now available on DVD!

With the release of the DVD, people everywhere can now see for themselves what  countless others have experienced in cities all across the globe.

Now's your chance to own the film that has made waves in homeschooling circles worldwide. Order here:

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