June 25, 2015

Most Popular Posts from the Learning Curve

Since the "reopening" of this here blog, I've sifted through the drafts folder and tossed whatever was no longer relevant, carried an unpleasant vibe (I was deeply dark and ranty for a while there) and revisited some of the existing posts to make sure they weren't replete with irrelevance or overly snarky.

I assessed some of the most popular posts and decided to re-share them with you.  Some are prolific ponderance, some are a great laugh - enjoy!

In order of popularity:

Synaptic Connections with King James
A look at how our mind sorts and files, and a fun little something to show it.

Mary had a little hate club
Creative writing and History - a categorization mash-up.

The usefulness of speaking mathematically, and learning frustrations.

Homeschool vs Unschool
Only I don't call it that because both terms kinda give me the creeps.
This is my look at learning au natural verses strict study practices.

Television and Video Games
Too much? Not enough? What gives?
These posts are always popular, which is interesting in and of itself... hmmm...

P.S.  The two most popular posts are both from the Spoofing History section. Check it out to find more fun.  The author of these quirky quips is transitioning to HS History and doesn't always give this Mom permission to publicize - but when and if the lovely Miss Rose does so, I'll add more :)

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